Goldcliff Fisheries is the last remaining Putcher Rank in Wales, and lies on the Monmouthshire coast of the Severn Estuary, between Caldicot and Newport, the river being about 6 miles wide at this point.  At the moment we are awaiting The Environment Agency to tell us what is happening about our business, and have for several years exercised a setaside policy.  However we hope to start fishing again in the 2007 season.


A "Putcher " or "fixed Engine is a fish trap shaped in the form of a conical shaped basket, similar in appearance to a five foot ice cream cone. These are placed in rows and stand four high , in a "Rank". This method of fish capture is peculiar to the Severn and is of prehistoric design.

A history of the Salmon fishing at Goldcliff will appear here in the near future.